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" of the shrewdest to come along in a long time." 

Constantine Gratsos,  President Onassis Group

"Please besiege us with deals."

Jon Moulton
Managing Partner, Alchemy Partners, London
(BVCA Hall of Fame, Best Equity Provider 2001)

" entrepreneur of classic American design..."

Financial Times

The following list of clients and partners are in alphabetical order...
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Negotiated various representations including due diligence, audits, tax and corporate finance and hostile takeover defence in Peru, Netherlands, Germany, Chile, UK and US.
Equity participation and subsequent financings.
Negotiated property purchase financing, working capital financing and equity participation.
Provided property tax consulting resulting in large savings.
Negotiated equity participations, overdrafts, acquisition and financing working capital.
Provided property tax consulting resulting in large savings and negotiated major service contracts.
Negotiated equity participation and further financings.
Various financial joint ventures.
Assisted in senior management strategy in Europe and US
Negotiated project financing and overdrafts / lines of credit in US.
Various financial joint ventures.
Provided cost reduction consulting services.
Major financings, rites issues, stock broker and investment bank representation, market making syndications and hostile takeover defence.
Negotiated various property financing in US.
Negotiated overdrafts / lines of credit and refinancing in the US
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"I am delighted to see what you are doing… I think it is… exciting..."

John B. Connally
Former Governor of Texas, U.S. Secretary of Treasury,U.S. Presidential Candidate

"His energy is combustible, his manner kinetic... with the intensity of a matador entering a bullring..."

Al Martinez
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA

"A prominent and much respected businessman and entrepreneur in many successful companies...won awards reflecting his business acumen."

Financial Times

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