Disclaimer: re “Bacardi Island”

Like a number of successful people and entities, Mr. Pena and The Guthrie group have attracted the attention of people and entities that seek to use the names for personal profit in ventures that neither Mr. Pena nor TGG are involved.

Our solicitors have received a number of emails and other inquires inquiring about an alleged intention to purchase an island referred to as “Barcardi Island,” with the involvement of an entity referred to an “Innovation Realty, C.X.A.” People or entities purportedly marketing this island and suggesting the involvement of Mr. Pena and/or TGG have even created a website using the names of Pena and TGG, and some appear to have even used the likeness of Guthrie castle.

Neither Mr. Pena nor The Guthrie Group have any connection with the persons and/or entities involved in this alleged sale of an island. Neither Mr. Pena nor TGG have in any way authorized these people or their entities to use the names, likeness, logos, or images of either, and both Mr. Pena, and TGG, and all of TGG’s management disclaim any and all involvement with it.

Anyone seeking to confirm the involvement of Mr. Pena and/or TGG in any venture, should prudently confirm it in writing with Mr. Pena at the address listed on his website, and use due care at all stages of any transaction to verify that they are dealing with Mr. Pena and TGG, and not the imitators who are attempting to profit by using the names of TGG and Mr. Pena.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the actions of these people and entities, and are taking legal action to address it as soon as the legal system allows.

Thank you.