Our goal is to: “Make the deal work” period.

We are a group of professional transaction consultants. We facilitate transactions from idea initiation, to arranging the finance, through to successful completion or exit.

We work on either the buy or sell side, with acquisition or divestment focussed PLC’s, LTD’s, entrepreneurs, management teams and other company owners to do four things:

  1. Generate deals
  2. Create a plan
  3. Take action
  4. Succeed

We plan only to succeed in any deal we are involved with, which is why we do not develop back-up plans, ‘rip-cords’ or fail safes.

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself, so as a group, we act with enthusiasm and without limits to what we can achieve with our clients.

We recognize that the most important thing in any deal besides ethics and honesty, is the people involved, so we carefully select the individuals and deals we engage in.

Deal Generation Financing Bespoke Consultancy

Deal Generation

The main focus of The Guthrie Group is deal generation.

For either the buy or sell side, we have a proven seven step process as follows:

  1. Engage the management team and set goals
  2. Scan the market sector and identify suitable targets
  3. Approach the targets
  4. Carry out assessment and due diligence
  5. Prepare decision documents and agreements
  6. Identify and introduce the appropriate financial partners
  7. Close the deal

Generally, we work with motivated and experienced CEO’s and Managing Directors with sector specific knowledge on deal types such as; MBO’s, MBI’s, LBO’s, Bolt-ons, Public to Private’s, AIM’s and IPO’s.


  • Through our extensive personal relationships and network of contacts, we have developed a detailed VC / Private Equity and Banking Database. This contains up to date information on sector focus, transaction size and stages of investment. We use this database to assist management teams to find the appropriate debt, equity or mezzanine finance for a specific transaction.

  • Historically, we have obtained detailed briefs for buy-outs from over 75% of the leading debt and equity providers in the UK & Europe enabling us to act swiftly when an opportunity arises.

  • The deal generation team, proactively discusses divestment opportunities with public and private companies, assists VC & Private Equity providers with exits and explores opportunities with accountancy and investment banking firms with sales mandates on a regular basis.

  • We can assist Public & Private companies with the seamless divestment of non-core assets, through the increasingly popular ‘non-auction’ disposal methodology.

  • We can arrange debt & equity finance for management teams.

  • Provide Management Teams to VC’s & Private Equity Providers for future transactions

  • Provide Management Teams to VC’s & Private Equity Providers for distressed Portfolio Companies.

  • We also have numerous close relationships with VC & Private Equity Providers, whom we allow access to our Senior Executive Database. such access enables relationships with experienced individuals to develop on two valuable fronts:
    1. To capitalise on current investment opportunities they are aware of, but are unable to move forward on, without a Management Team.
    2. To develop relationships with Management Teams in anticipation of future transactions.

Financial Services and Markets Act 2000: 
We are not authorised by the Financial Services Authority to carry out regulated activities
(As defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) in the UK. 

Bespoke Consultancy

We have built a reputation for successfully (and confidentially) negotiating and resolving difficult situations, up to and including ‘Global 20’ size companies.

The Guthrie Group has extensive experience in emergency mandates, workouts or turnarounds and can act as Crisis Managers, Consultants for exceptional or complicated growth strategies and coaching partners for top Executives. This is carried out on a case by case basis.