Government/Partners and Representations

BritainNegotiated with Bank of England owned assets for equity participation and various financial transactions.$ 23,427,000.00
ChileNegotiated joint ventures with CitiCorp and Government to finance and mine for Gold in Chile.$ 101,517,000.00
IndonesiaNegotiated contracts and joint ventures for oil exploration in Indonesia.$780,900,000.00
IsraelNegotiated joint ventures with the Government to finance and search for hydrocarbons in Israel.$92,886,000.00
JapanNegotiated joint venture and various transactions to explore and finance search for hydrocarbons in Gulf of Mexico.$ 93,708,000.00
KuwaitNegotiated many various financial transactions with Kuwait (KIO) including PLC (Public Company) total restructuring.$1,035,000,000.00
MexicoNegotiated joint venture to finance and sell petroleum products to and for Mexico.$171,250,000.00
NetherlandsNegotiated with government owned bank for initial Stock Exchange / Bourse listing.$94,392,000.00
PeruNegotiated joint venture to explore and finance the search for oil in Peru.$163,989,000.00
PhilippinesNegotiated joint venture for Government with major oil company to finance and explore for oil in Haiti.$132,753,000.00
USANegotiated with the DFSC for financing, refining and distribution of petroleum products to the US government.$78,660,000.00
The VaticanNegotiated joint venture for project financing with Vatican Bank.$374,832,000.00
YemenNegotiated with government joint venture to finance and explore for hydrocarbons in Yemen.$15,732,000.00